Three recommended podcasts

Over the past year or so I’ve started listening to podcasts on a regular basis. (This is the silver lining to driving a car without a working stereo.) If you’re interested in Anglo-Saxon England, the Vikings, and historical fiction like I am, these are three that I warmly recommend. Note: when it comes to theme music, one of these podcasts is not like the others….

The Anglo-Saxon England podcast by Tom Kearns has followed the Anglo-Saxon period from the end of the Roman period. Dr. Kearn’s podcasts, which average around 20-25 minutes, each focus on a person or event in the 600-year history of the Anglo-Saxons. Dr. Kearns is careful and methodical, but never dry: his love of the period and people shine through in every episode.

Another great historical podcast is Gone Medieval, hosted by Cat Jarman and Matt Lewis. This podcast covers a wide range of topics within the medieval period, with episodes ranging from 30-60 minutes. The format is often an interview with a scholar highlighting an interesting aspect of medieval life. Vikings come up often. I enjoy the variety and always learn something new.

Rock, Paper, Swords! is a podcast by historical fiction authors Matthew Harffy and Steven A. McKay. Matthew Harffy writes action and adventure novels set in Anglo-Saxon times, and Steven A. McKay has two action and adventure series, one about Robin Hood and another about Druids. I love these authors’ good-natured banter, and the energy and humor they bring to their topics and guest interviews.