A Council of Wolves is now available!

A Council of Wolves is now available in paperback and as an ebook from major online retailers. It’s a traditional detective story set in the time of King Alfred in Anglo-Saxon England, with kings, clues, horses and hounds, country houses, swords, spears, and Vikings!

England, AD 879. Called away from his own wedding to accompany his brother on an urgent diplomatic mission for King Alfred of Wessex, the young royal official Lord Edwin of Wimborne becomes suspicious of an “accidental” death that occurs during their stay in neighboring Mercia. As Edwin investigates, he uncovers a tangle of deadly ambitions around the Mercian kingship. Back at home, Edwin’s bride Molly becomes embroiled in events that may have far-reaching consequences as well.

Can Edwin unravel the true course of events in time to save an innocent man and foil a disastrous political plot bolstered by a band of renegade Vikings? When Molly finds the royal estate of Wimborne prey to neglect, embezzlers and seething local discontent, can she turn the tide and make it safe for King Alfred?

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